Becoming An Electronic Customer

Custom Lawns can now process your billing information electronically. We can inform you about treating your lawn the next day via e-mail or sending you a text message. We can now initiate automatic payment on your Custom Lawns account. This can be helpful if you travel a lot and do not want extra papers at your door. Maybe you live on your computer and this is the best way to contact you or protecting your personal information is what you prefer. Whatever the reason, we can make this process completely paperless.

What Is ACH Processing And How Can It Be Beneficial To Me?
Automated Clearing House (ACH) is perhaps best known for Direct Deposit. Many people’s payroll checks are directly deposited into their checking account via ACH. It is a transfer of funds between 2 financial institutions. In essence, it is merely an electronic check which gets processed automatically. In addition to your payroll check, many M.U.D. and O.P.P.D. bills are also processed by ACH or automatic withdrawal.

Automatic payments are easy to setup. All it takes is a voided check or deposit slip. Once this is setup, all you have to do is set back and relax. Your Custom Lawns bill can automatically be deducted from your checking or savings account. This can either be done monthly or after each application has been applied. You do not have to worry about having to remember to send in a payment and there is no need to buy a stamp and mail in your bill.

Automatic Billing Can Be Setup 1 Of 2 Different Ways
1. The level payment plan will divide your total yearly bill by 12 and a payment will be deducted from your account each month, just like your utility bill is done.

2. Instead of sending in your payment after each application, Custom Lawns will deduct the funds from your checking or savings account after each application has been applied.

Both plans are easy to use and set up. Whether you want the deduction after each application has been made or the level payment plan will help you budget your monthly bills. Either way, Custom Lawns can accommodate your payment plan. Remember, we still accept your payment(s) with a check. This service is in response to our customer’s request.

Informational Concerns
If you are set up to receive treatment/application notification via your e-mail, rest assured we will not release your email address to anyone. We will use it for notifying you about treatments/applications and this will strictly be the only use for your e-mail address. We will not sell it to any third party vendors.

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