Organic Fertilizer
Our organic fertilizer program is a bio-nutrional fertilizer designed to maximize your lawns potential. The word "bio-nutrional" means it works with a probiotic approach, promoting more efficient use of the soil's surrounding nutrients while utilizing organic food-grade edible ingredients. It contributes to a more robust eco system in and around your soil and plants, adding to your plants' overall health. In short, bio-nutritionals promote healthier plants, and healthier plants make for a healthier ecosystem. With Holganix, you will recieve fewer weeds naturally, fewer insects and less disease naturally, natural pH adjustment, improved root development and better drought resistance.

The natural ingredients found in Holganix are plant based proteins, compost tea plus many other bio-nutrional products(like mycorrhizae and humates). The compost tea contain essential natural amino acids, chelated secondary elements, vitamins and enzymes. The all natural ingredients in Holganix supply the food energy that increases the number of microbes found in the soil as well as provide the basic nutrients needed for healthy plant growth. Due to the special combination of fertilizer, amino acids, mycorrhizae, humates and probiatics we have seen a reduction of weeds, thicker turf and a substantial reduction of turf disease. The amino acids and mycorrhizaes in the fertilizer help to deliver the fertilizer to the roots system faster, which in turn makes the root system stronger, healthier and thicker.

Many other organic fertilizers boast being organic, however there are not as beneficial to your lawn as the Holganix product. Healthy Grow is coated with Holganix's bio-nutritional fertilizer. This is essentially two fertilizers in one. Some organic fertilizer is milorginite and this is essentially, dried sewage waste. Holganix fertilizer is a non-poisonous, food grade product. It is safe for water in your community, is non-flammable, and nearly eliminates the need for nitrates, phosphates and pesticide products. These bio-nutrients supply the food energy of feed and stimulates the natural soil microbes which aid in the breakdown of the product. Sewer sludge fertilizers are formulated with human and industrial waste by-products and are high in denatured proteins. Denatured proteins offer some initial color response from the iron found in this product, but mainly add organic biomass to the soil. Composted based fertilizers are formulated from animal manures and their bedding materials. Composting uses the natural aerobic and anaerobic microbes as well as the free ammonia found in manure to breakdown the complex cellulose fiber. The finished product is then sterilized by heat to destroy any harmful pathogens.

Finally, the Healthy Grow product is coated Holganix product line is 100% all natural and organic. This is essentially, two fertilizers in one. These natural ingredients make Holganix one of the safest lawn products available today. For more information please contact us at 291-6800 or visit the Holganix website at www.holganix.com. or the Healthy Grow website at www.healthy-grow.com

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