Other New Services Offered By Custom Lawns Of Omaha:

Perimeter Pest Control of the exterior of your home is now just a phone call away. We are licensed and will spray the exterior perimeter of your home at very reasonable and competitive prices. This application is recommended 4 times per year and kills most insects on contact.

Custom Lawns Referral Program is now being reactivated. For every customer you refer, you will receive $25.00 off for each referral on any additional service in the current year. As an example, if you refer 2 customers for the current season, you can take $50.00 off an aeration for that current season. You may not carry over the discount to the next season.

Electronic Notification is now being implemented for your convenience. We can now send you an e-mail to notify you we will be treating your lawn the next day as a call ahead. We can also send your statement and fact sheet via e-mail. If you travel a lot, if you are worried about your invoice blowing out of your door or for any other reason, we can now send it to you electronically. All you need to do is give us your e-mail account and you will receive an e-mail from
info@customlawnsofomaha.com informing you we just treated your lawn. We can also notify you via text message.

Custom Lawns of Omaha, Inc., Lawn Maintenance, Bellevue, NE

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